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Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you receive food that is different from your receipt of purchase, we sincerely apologize. Please call us or your third party delivery company as soon as you notice that there was an error with your order. You may come to pick-up the correct food items. Please return the incorrect food order in the original container(s) to our host on the same day the order was placed. If 25% of a food item has been consumed, it can not be returned not will a refund be issued in whole or in part.

If refunded, you will be refunded the sales price amount associated with the error and recharged for the new items price or the difference between the two items will be charged/credited to your credit card.


Our food is fresh and made with much care. The restaurant reserves the right to issue either a refund or issue a replacement food item upon request for orders in which the incorrect food item was included, was omitted or other similar circumstances. Refunds are not typically provided to a guest for food that a guest ordered but is not to their liking.

Food Cancellation

Once our restaurant has received your order or our delivery partners has received your order, it can not be canceled nor refunded. If a delivery person made an attempt to deliver your food but you were not available, we can not issue a refund as that food can not be resold. We will not refund any item if you change your mind or mistakenly ordered an item.

Abuse of Refund Policy

The restaurant reserves the right to deny a prospective or active customer continued service if the restaurant believes that the refund policy is being abused in any way.